Best E Cigarette 2014

When electronic cigarettes were launched, lot of cynics said that this was just a fad and would pass too soon for people to realize their worth but now that after so many years, they are still going strong, people have started to pay attention to them and people who used to think that they will never ever dump their traditional cigarettes for e cigarette have started doing so. This has led to an explosion in the e cigarette market with every manufacturer trying to garner as much market share as they can in as little time as possible. It becomes even more interesting as the penetration level of e cigarette as compared to traditional cigarette is still very low and the room for expansion is large so certain loyal customers won now by any manufacturer will go a long way in establishing that brand as the leader in e cigarette market.

V2 Cigs has come up very fast in this regard and has made a great leap considering all the competition which is coming up. Few years back, it was a very small player which was not considered in the league of other bigger names like Green Smoke and Blu but slowly and steadily, it has built up its loyal bases by various technological innovations. It has introduced EX battery which increase the output of their batteries and have introduced options like allowing the customer to experiment with different e-liquid options instead of going in for a pre-filled Cartomizers, which is being followed by most of other e cigarette brands. Along with the quality of the product, people have been praising a lot about their overall eco system which includes their website. As per, their website is ranked #1 as compared to all the e cigarettes websites. A single testimony to this fact is that the amount of online sales done by V2 Cigs is the highest even when it is not the biggest player in the offline world. Their beginner’s kit starts with as low as $34.95 which gives the customers a fair chance to try their product before moving on to other expensive kits.

Green Smoke has one of the largest assortments of starter kits, flavor and accessories and is one of the oldest players in the market. They have always positioned itself as a premium brand and that’s why, the cost of their products is a little higher than other brands but their loyal customer base which is actually their target segment as well doesn’t mind to pay this price as the quality of products offered is unmatched. Whether it is the vapor cloud which their cigarettes produce or the battery life of their products or any other feature, they are considered as one of the best. Their express kit which is their beginner’s kit starts at $59.97.

South Beach Smoke is another brand which has been there for some time and has been impressing customers. It would still not be counted in the league of V2 Cigs and Green Smoke but it is definitely worth a try. Their starter kit which is reusable express kit starts at $ 21.99.

Best Rated Vapor Cigarettes

V2 Cigarettes have been all over the e cigarette websites and have been famous since the time they stepped out, which was in the year 2010. All these years it has been rated as the best e cigarette in the industry. With an unparallel customer support and its ever so high ratings, V2 has conquered the market. Established in the year 2008, Green Smoke is the first brand of the e cigarette world. They are also the ones to be credited with the two design concept which has now been used widely by almost all the brands.  Even though the rest of the brands using the two piece design are posing a big competition for the Green Smoke, this brand has come back with a big bang by bringing along with it new batteries and cartridges. It has been reaching pinnacles of success and refusing to let go of the top position.

South Beach Smoke

Justifying its exciting name, South Beach has left no stone unturned. From the strict critics to the regular users, each and everyone is impressed with the South Beach Smoke. Despite the fact that their heavy marketing styles made people almost dubious of its quality back in 2010, it has proved that it is equally attentive to its quality of product. It has a huge customer base which is supporting them strongly through their established loyalties. It is the first brand to start a cartridge subscription program and carry it out successfully.

A Premium Cigarette also is amongst the first few brands of the e cigarette industry. Their emphasis on the product quality and basics has taken them to these great heights. With their extra efforts being put in improving their flavors, quality and marketing premium products, has ensured that ever since 2009 they will never fall off the category of top five brands of e cigarettes. They pay special attention to evolving themselves with the changing customer needs and requirements.

SmokeTip- the undisputed top e cigarette brand has ensured they get you a design that smoothens your experience by giving you an easy drag. They are gearing up to bring you their new kits. A rather love hate relation the critics have had with the Blu Cigs has been evident from the several reviews about the like and disliked attributes of Blu e- cig. The critics have loved it for so many reasons. Somehow their current aim seems to be bringing in innovation in their social charger pack. SmokeTip has maintained its position in the top lot for a very long time now and that too with consistency.

EverSmoke Review

Having been launched in the very last year EverSmoke seems to be playing in the market like a veteran. With their mid price range in the beginning, it won many hearts. Now to improve their sales even more, they plan to bring down the prices even more. It took a great deal of time to bring out the first ever designer e cigarette brand for ladies- vapour couture. It was launched in the year 2012. It can be custom designed and offers a lot of styles to customize from. It focuses on style as much as it does on your experience and the product quality. It is a super hit amongst the ladies all over.

Electronic Cigarettes For Heavy Smokers

Electronic CigaretteEach person is different, faces different challenges in life and hence has different habits and requirements. While some smoke for leisure others smoke to get rid of their tensions and bring in some relief in their lives. So giving up a tobacco cigarette can be an extremely difficult task for those who smoke all the time. Hence, for them even very strong will power does not work most of the times and they end up failing. What they require is an alternate to the tobacco cigarette because they are so addicted to smoking that they cannot give up the idea of smoking and rather would need something that compensates for it. So to give them the same pleasure and satisfaction that a normal tobacco cigarette would, an e cigarette does the job very well and sets such people free of the chains of tobacco cigarettes that in the past, they were never able to break. Also since they are used to smoking all the time they require a regular supply of the nicotine which an e cigarette provides very easily since they come with two batteries so that while you are in the process of using, one you can charge the other.

V2 Cigarettes, South Beach Smoke, Green Smoke, Blu E Cigarette, SmokeTip, are some of the best rated brands that. They ensure you get the best and effective service and an equally satisfying experience from smoking. To help you not create too much of mess these brands like NutriCigs, Premium, Vapor Couture, Vapor4Life etc, now are available in the two piece design model. If you are afraid of running out of your juice all the time since you would be in reality using the e cigarette to your heart’s content and this might create such a situation, these brands come with the option of separately purchasing their e juice so you can keep refilling the cartridge and continue reusing it. And the procedure to refill is all over the internet in the form of articles and videos.

How Does E Cig Works

Knowing that as a heavy e smoker you would be using the e cigarette for long hours in continuation, these brands make sure their products are of high quality and you would not face frequent maintenance issues either. Even if you do, they have a strong customer support system to assist you. Since these brands even have set nicotine levels, you can easily choose the highest level and get the pleasure you require. You are also given a lifetime warranty and a lot of them give you a cash back offer within a certain time frame. Their fast delivery to any place in the world makes switching to an e cigarette a rather quick process.

Through their strong customer club these brands have earned a good name in market, which tells you how exceptionally well these have been doing. They give you great quality products, ensure you never miss your old tobacco cigarette, never have your e cigarette delivered late and to top it all, you get so happy with them that you stay a loyal customer. So if you are a heavy smoker and really wish to start a new life where there is no smoke and tobacco but only fun and pleasure and that too is similar to conventional smoking, choosing these brand’s of e cigarettes is just the right move.

Top Electronic Cigarette Company

To start with let’s discuss about the ultimate favorite of a number of smokers – The South Beach Smoke. Within a range of twenty nine dollars and one hundred and forty four dollars you can easily buy any of their kits. The cartridge is priced at around four dollars. Though it is expensive but once you use it, you would know why it is so and you would be glad as it would turn out to be worth the money spent on it. Also to bring the price to an even more affordable level they give you gift cards. Even their flavors are little expensive and priced at four dollars. They are available in the latest two piece design and also the old three piece design such that the refilling of the same is much easier. Thirty day money back guarantee is also given.

South Beach Smoke

V2 cigarettes on the other hand are quiet reasonable despite the fact that they are amongst the top brands of e cigarettes. They offer different kits and products such that they can be afforded by each one. You can go for kits that cost thirty dollars or kits that are in the expensive range of one hundred and forty nine dollars. If you are not sure of what you want to purchase, you take a trial by using their disposable e cigarettes. Their flavor comes for two dollars. They give you discounts cards and try to compensate with their heavy delivery charge.

Green SmokeGreen Smoke has been around for a comparatively long time now and has been doing very well in the market. It costs in the range of ninety dollars and one hundred sixty dollars. It comes with a built in atomizer and hence you can use the e cigarette without requiring the need of changing it. For those fond of green smoke, it gives you an equally amazing effect by its extraordinary vapor production. They give you seven flavors to choose from and they are priced at three dollars. There discounts and free shipping are icing on the cake.

Premium Vape is the next powerful contender in the world of e cigarettes. It offers you twenty four flavors to choose from but menthol remains the hit favorite of many. You can also buy a combo of five flavors together in case you wish to try a few of them at a time. It has a huge range of zero to twenty four mile grams when it comes to nicotine levels. Its full capacity of nicotine leads to very famous as well as superb effect and is a must try.

When you choose to shift to e cigarettes, it is very important to make the right decision while choosing the brand. A brand that lives up to your expectations and ensures you that you do not miss your old tobacco cigarette which thus should make the brand into your top favorite list. You can only get rid of the old traditional tobacco cigarette only when you get a substitute that works equally well for you. Since there are a lot of brands already in the market and easily available over the internet, switching to them is a comfortable step now.

Electronic Cigarette Brands

Not many people are aware but EverSmoke is the sister company of South Beach Smoke which is one of the top companies of the electronic cigs world. There is not much difference between South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke. They both in fact come in a similar magnetic box but have different designing and logo. Their starter kit has two of the lithium batteries, five Cartomizer set up in a pack, two chargers- USB charger and wall adapter. V2 cigarettes have a policy of perfection. When you have the kit in your hand for the first time V2 cigarette ensures you have a very good first impression. Even their standard Starter kit is a very large e cigarette kit you would ever come across. They put in a lot of efforts in the packaging and design and this itself speaks volume about the company. They give you the KR808 batteries which are long in size and in both the types -automatic and manual. The Cartomizer comes in a perfectly designed blister pack with a specified warning about the age that informs about the legal age to use the product and about nicotine as well. For anyone who wants to shift from traditional tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes this is just the right choice to begin with.

Electronic Cigarette Brands

Despite not having a lucrative website and superior marketing strategies, SmokeTip is all over the market and is sustaining very well. Unlike the other cigarette brands they offer you starter kits with only the basic stuff you need to get started. For other things in accessories like wall charger or case, you will have to buy them separately. You get two batteries which are automatic and none of them are manual, a five pack cartomizer, USB charger and a wall adaptor.

One of the most sought after brand is the South Beach Smoke. It does superb advertising and marketing and has maintained its worth and reputation even though there are so many names coming in the market in the product category of e-cigs. It’s most basic kit- the Deluxe Starter Kit comes with two lithium ion batteries, a five pack cartomizer and a wall charger. For a USB charger you need to buy it separately or go for a higher kit. It is smaller than the other kits available in market and hence is easier to carry around.

Green Smoke which is one of the biggest names in the e cigarette market is the fastest growing brand in the industry. It Ultimate kit come with three KR808D batteries which can also be recharged, then there are ten cartomizers, two USB chargers, a car charger, a wall adaptor and a case. This however is the most expensive starter kits in the market. They put in a lot of efforts to give you a nice and attractive looking package though it is cased in the old and common magnet box. The cartomizers come in colored flip boxes and uses leaf shaped sticker to keep the juice intact instead of using the rubber. Their presentation is very impressive and is the first reason why their product is doing so well in the market.

Best 10 E Cig Brands

For brands like South Beach Electronic Cigarette, V2 cigs, EverSmoke, Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette, Blu Cigs, SmokeTip, Premium Electronic Cigarette, The Vapor Couture, NutriCigs and Vapor4Llife E Cigarettes is a market with more and more new contenders coming up every day but these brands have worked so hard on their respective existences that no new comer can pose a threat to their position. These brands have stayed on top because of their well thought out smart marketing strategies, excellent product quality and unbeatable customer support system. These are the popular brands that every e cigarette user is very well aware of. Be it the online medium that is appreciating them or the regular users who are commending it by word of mouth, everyone knows about them. These brands have been on the top for a long time now and have put in efforts to ensure that their customers never face any disappointments.

Best 10 E Cig Brands

For those who are unsure of the concept of electronic cigarettes and wish to take a trial before plunging into the e cigarette world, all these above mentioned brands except that for South Beach Smoke,  offer a disposable e cigarette kit. The disposable kit is to help you to be sure of the product you actually wish to place an order for and this shows how confident these brands are of their products.

Premium E Cigarettes kit comes with five cartridges, a charger and two batteries. It generates excellent vapor, uses the latest two part design and gives you a choice of selecting the nicotine level as per your requirement such that the level of nicotine ranges anywhere between zero to five. In addition to the options available in cartridges, batteries and chargers, you can also opt for any of the fruit flavors it offers. The range of fruit flavors includes peach, grape, orange, cherry, pineapple, blueberry, apple, pear and strawberry. Moreover, among tobacco they give two choices and other flavors are chocolate, coffee, caramel, Cola, clove, Irish cream, red energy menthol and vanilla. You get the privilege to choose battery from various designs and customize them according to your liking. You can easily use one battery for almost two hundred and fifty puffs per cartridge. You also get a yearlong warranty and the kit is shipped at your home for free.

With Green Smoke you can choose either of the long or short battery. You get five cartomizers also. The selection of the nicotine level can be done between level zero and level five. It also uses the two part design and gives high vapor production. Mocha, chocolate, vanilla, menthol and clove are its best flavors. Even though it comes in no fruit flavor it does offer you three of its tobacco flavors. It also sells batteries that can be purchased in different designs and come in white and pink colors. The cartridge lasts for a good three hundred to four hundred puffs. Along with thirty day money back guarantee it also provides free shipping above a purchase of twenty five dollars.  You get two batteries, five cartomizers and a charger when you order for a SmokeTip kit. Coupled with good vapor production and a zero to four level nicotine, it gives you two tobacco flavors and its fruit flavors include peach, grape, orange, cherry, watermelon, pineapple, blueberry, apple, pear and strawberry. It provides a white colored battery which lasts for around three hundred and fifty puffs per cartridge.

South Beach Smoke just like SmokeTip also gives free shipping and money back guarantee within thirty days of purchase. It comes with adapter, wall charger and five cartomizers. Its fruit flavors are Pina Colada, Peach and cherry. For your safety and to keep all the harmful substances out these ten brands have their products lab tested.

What Is The Best Smokeless Cigarette

Been in the market now since 2008, South Beach Electronic Cigarettes continue to be the best smokeless cigarette in the world of e cigarettes. Their flavors, designing and styling are unparallel. South Beach is offering a wide versatile range of twenty different attractive flavors, customized as per the need of its customers. You name it and you will most definitely find the desired flavor in this wide range of twenty flavors. You can order a specific flavors set in case if you want to try a few of them at one point of time. The nicotine level ranges from as low as zero to a high full capacity as well that ranges to 24 mg and this full capacity being offered by South Beach is a real bliss for those who want a thrill in their smoking experience. The vapor quality being offered is great as it is thick as well as heavy and doesn’t leaves a person with a feeling of a scratchy throat.

South Beach Smoke

There are a variety of options available as far as the types of battery and the life offered by them is concerned. For the cartridge also you can order a skin of whatever color you wish according to the color of your battery. There is no other company that focuses so much on the styling and designing. From circles to hearts, from squares to skulls just about everything you can imagine of is available under the brand name of South Beach. The batteries are basically lithium ions which work when the air pressure sensor is started when the user goes for a drag. The very same second the battery turns on and gives in power to the heating element resting in the cartridge. If cigars and pipes are what suit your taste and you don’t wish to come out of your cocoon, trust us and try using this brand because South Beach provides you with an unmatchable satisfaction and you won’t regret the shift. For the starter kits the price starts at from fifty nine dollars and ninety nine cents. Then they also offer a basic express kit that starts at twenty nine dollars and ninety nine cents.

Best part about South Beach is that now and then a sale, some lucrative deal or discount is being offered by them on face book and other social networking sites that make it economically efficient brand of e-cigs. Their customer service is just excellent as you do not have to worry about purchasing them. Just place your order on the internet and your product will be delivered at your door step, that to for zero shipping charges. If you do not find South Beach up to the marks as per your expectations, their customer care is always more than interested to answer your queries and try their level best to satisfy you. South Beach is one company that is confident in its product and hence gives you a free life time warranty such that it covers all the parts if customer is a member of their Home delivery program. Along with this, South Beach offers you all the basic things and accessories like cases and cleaning materials to make your smoking a memorable experience.

What Is The Best Brand Of Electronic Cigarettes

If you want to give up smoking, you have two choices: one is to wake up one fine morning and throw away you tobacco cigarette pack and never smoke again. Does not seem like a plausible way out? Well there is a simpler option; you try the e cigarette by V2 Cigs, which has shown great results in the past. You can look up on the internet and you can see for yourself how e cigarettes have helped so many people in giving up smoking if not completely then at least to a great extent. Somehow choosing the right e cigarette can be challenging. Keeping in mind the fact that not all the e cigarettes you find online are not of the best quality and effectiveness, you should make a wise decision. For those who want efficient, safe and well recognized e cigarettes V2 Cigs is a brand you can rely on and would definitely prove out to be the best choice.

V2 E Cigs

So why is V2 cigs the best brand of e cigarettes? So to begin with you will be provided with a starter kit which contains an electronic cigarette, some of the best flavors and chargers. You will not find many brands giving you the privilege of a similar kit that includes just everything you would require to get going. V2 cigs does not sell single e cigarettes like a lot of companies do; rather V2 cig is always available in kits. Moreover, they allow you to have the look you want for your e-cig and their product can be as sleek and classy as you wish it to be. Various types of chargers like the USB, car and wall chargers are included that too with absolutely no extra charges. For owning a completely functioning kit even when you are on the go, V2 will definitely prove out to be the best choice. When you talk about the cost, it is very much affordable and reasonable. With their starter kit being offered at as low as fifty four dollars, you would certainly waste your time searching for an e cigarette cheaper than this in the market.

V2 cigs at times also offer coupons to help you buy the kits at lower prices as well. Vapor cloud density is another plus point. You would not miss your tobacco cigarette as V2 cigs gives you enough vapor to keep you satisfied and enjoy the pleasure of smoking just like you did with the conventional cigarette. So if you want an effective e cigarette that gives you good volumes of vapor do not think twice before buying a V2 cigs. Coming on to flavors, V2 cigs gives you a decent variety to choose from. It offers you five of the best flavors, each of which is equally promising. So, keeping all the advantages in mind, there is no risk in buying V2 cigs. There is no other company in the market that gives this type of guarantee and has a strong, steady, loyal and a faithful customer base.

World’s Best Electronic Cigarette

There are a number of electronic cigarettes being sold in the market, each brand claiming and committing to be the best one. But there is always one who is a winner. In the market of e-cigarettes South Beach cigarettes has been climbing up the ladder with its impeccable varieties and nonparallel service support. V2 cigs, Blu and Green Smoke are at the next three spots in the race. It is actually the smooth draw cartridges and the dense vapor production that takes a brand to the top slot.

south beach electronic cigarette

South Beach has now been in the market for almost several years, and they are without any doubt very much determined as far as their ability to keeping up their pace with the most modern technology is concerned. They have something to offer for every kind of smoker. South beach e-cigs provide three starter kits which are further coupled with a reusable express Kit. Moreover the range of disposable e-cigs packages being offered by them is worth appreciating. South beach offers a deluxe starter kit for the novice beginners, which will cost around $59.99. This deluxe started kit is the most basic one and is being provided with two batteries as well as two chargers and believe it or not but they are offering 5 cartridges too, in the same kit. Then in the series of starter kits you have a deluxe plus starter kit which is available for a price of $89.99. It is the deluxe plus because it has some additional benefits attached to it like along with two batteries they have 3 chargers and a case to carry the things. Third available option for the starters is the deluxe ultimate starter kit which is being sold at a price of $159.99. It has a personal charging case in it, a universal case, and along with these advantages they are offering almost 15 nicotine cartridges that honestly make this kit actually a dream come true for the beginners. South Beach is also offering several reusable Express Kits that will cost somewhere around $29.99. These reusable kits are very cheap to run such that there are no compromises being made on the eminence and quality aspect of the product.

v2 E cig

Next in the race is v2 cigs, the foundation of which was initially laid down by 3 smokers, who were actually fed up of the entire idea of society treating the smokers as diseased and untouchables like. Hence, they decided to look in for some better as well as an effective substitute. Their efforts paid them and they came up with this brand of v2 cigs as they realized the advantages of e-cigs and that it is the e-cigs that are the future of smoking in comparison to conventional style of smoking. You click it on internet, and you’ll find numerous smokers who are using V2 cigs have praised it and have recommended it for smoking after having an enjoyable experience. V2 cigs offer its consumers with a facility to decide it for themselves that what kind of look they wish for their e-cig to have as far as the concept of starter kits is concerned. Also, in terms of taste it is considered to be pleasurable. The battery life of V2 cigs is long and is available in variety of colors and sizes.

How Do I Choose The Best Electronic Cigarette?

If you are new and do not know what to look in for, in an e cigarette, choosing the right e cigarette will not be a cumbersome task as long as you know some basic things. Firstly, you should know what your own requirements are- whether it is flavor that gives you the drive or is it the nicotine in the system that you crave for, whether you are a chain smoker or just a cigarette or two in the whole day is enough for you and provides the required gratification. E cigarette though looks just as the traditional cigarette; it has comparatively more parts to get it going.

best e cigs

Though it has been long now since the e cigarettes came to market, the fact is that they earlier had a complicated design with three pieces which honestly did not make them a comfortable substitute to the conventional cigarettes. But now the market is flooded with e cigarettes having a three piece design. Earlier one had to be manually refilled in the e cigarettes, which in itself was a messy option. Now the e cigarettes come with the liquid filled beforehand. And unlike the previous e cigarettes the new ones come with a new atomizer with every replacement. So basically make sure you pick the one with a two piece design.

While choosing the best e-cig, the battery should be given a priority as well. The battery should be strong enough to help you pull an entire day of smoking, nearly three hundred puffs. Always opt for an e cigarette that offers you multiple flavors. You might just want to try out number of them to finally figure out which is your personal favorite. It is a wise idea to find out the flavors that are famous. What you can do is check out the online reviews of various flavors available in the market or the one’s that can be made by the user itself.

Charging is one major aspect for any device that runs on power. So the ones with solo USB charger will leave you in trouble if you are on the move and do not have a computer in your vicinity. So go for a kit that offers multiple chargers like a wall adapter or a car adapter. To a lot of people thick smoke matters a lot. So in such a case ensure the e cigarette you zero down to gives you a thick cloud of smoke since all e cigarettes are not capable of doing so. Cartomizer is the heart and soul of an e cigarette and hence you should pay special attention to this. So make sure the Cartomizer has a life long enough to give you at least three hundred and forty puffs per Cartomizer.  Even if you bought it for cheap it will definitely take toll on your pleasure if you end up changing the Cartomizer after every few puffs and also ultimately cost you more. If you have a tendency to forget things especially chargers of your devices, well you might often find yourself stuck with a discharged e cigarette and no charger around. So buy the USB cigarette the easily powers up the battery without the need of a charger. And last but not the least customer service should be efficient, reliable and effective of the brand you decide to finalize.